Rare Botanical Oils with Chaga

This is a blend of pure natural oils specifically selected because of their long history of use by indigenos people.   For centuries these oils have been an integral part of the skin care for people living in these harsh climates.   Much of the secret to beautiful skin lies in maintaining a healthy environment for skin cells.

image of our Chaga label

Composed of powerful antioxidants and nutrients, these oils and Chaga are powerful free radical neutralizers.   Free radicals cause damage to skin and pave the way for wrinkles.   If you have avoided oils in your daily skin routine, these non-comodogenic (won't clog pores) oils are the answer.   These "dry, non greasy oils" are anti-aging phenoms.

Chaga is one of the most potent of all adaptogen botanicals, making it especiallyl helpful in stressful situations.   Adaptogens control the body's adrenal system.

Jojoba oil from the Sonoran Desert is chemically closest to the sebum oil our skin produces naturally.   It is readily absorbed, helping tominimize wrinkles and fine lines.

Kalahari Desert oil restores elasticity and disolves old oil buildup allowing it to wash away.   It is rich in omega 6 and 9 essential oils and fatty acids and balances the moisture in the skin.

Argan oil from Morocco has anabundance of saponins, which are skin softening agents.   It makes the skin more elastic and helps to keep it properly hydrated.

Native to Mozambique, Marula oil contains an unusually high concentration of antioxidants, nutrients, minerals, and essential fatty acids that protect against environmental damage and boost cellular activity to hydrate and repair the skin.



4 oz. Rare Botanical Oils with Chaga Elixir

2.0 oz. Hydrating Illuminant with Chaga Extract


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